The applicant list refers to players who entered the tournament using the online registration system. This list is displayed on the Applicants tab on the tournament homepage and shows the registrations as they occur. 

The competitor list is also displayed on the tournament homepage but under the Competitor tab. This list is updated when the tournament organizer accesses TDM. This list may represent both players that registered online and those manually entered into the event. This list is updated at the tournament director's discretion. 

For tournaments that are using a selection process: after the selections are complete, the applicant list is replaced with the Player tab (players who are in the tournament) and the Alternate tab (players who were not selected). It is meant to be a notice to all the applicants and to show what happened during the selection process. If you have specific questions regarding the selection process, please reach out to the tournament director. You can find their contact information by going to Find Contact Information for Tournament Director

Note: For tournaments that are setup as Tournament Director Selection Process, players that are manually added through TDM will not reflect on the Players lists or Alternates list, only the competitors list (if added as a player).