Depending on event setting, there are two scenarios where you can register multiple participants and complete payment at one time, as below:

  • Note: If the options described below are not available, it means the organizer has disabled these features. You can make separate registrations or contact the event for further assistance if necessary.
  • Note: The system has a 15-minute time limit over the registration session. If there are many people to register, you can register them in several batches to make sure you checkout within the time limit.
Senario 1: When a box to select number of registrations is present behind each category at the first Select Category page like below:
User-added image
The steps in this scenario are:
  1. Select the number of registrations to make under each category and click CONTINUE
  • Note: Depending on event setting, you may be allowed to select multiple or only 1 registration for each category or wave.
  1. On Sign In page, login to
  2. On Complete Form page, complete/verify Your Information as the account owner
  • Note:  You can complete your registration as a guest if the event allows, however you will not be able to view/edit registration by yourself without an account.
  • Note: Edit your profile information by clicking pencil icon on the right if necessary.
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  1. Complete registration form information for each participant in order
  • Note: Make sure to select the correct participant identity for each participant:Your name (Myself), Other adult (18+) or Minor (under 18).
  • Note: After completing the first person's form, you'll have the option to copy existing registration form info to current form and modify only what are different.
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  1. (Optional) Select preference on magazine trial offers and newsletters
  2. Sign Waivers and agreements
  3. Click Continue to move to Checkout Page
  4. Verify Order Details and complete payment
Senario 2: When Add Another Registration button appears on checkout page. Simply click the button and repeat registration steps to add another person. After you have added all the registrants, verify Order Details and complete payment.
  • Note: Make sure to select the correct participant identity for each participant: Your name (Myself), Other adult (18+) or Minor (under 18) on Complete Form page.
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