If the information entered does not match the information on the registration form while signing waiver, an error message will occur. 

To proceed with signing waiver, verify that the following items are correct:
  1. Check all boxes beside I agree to the applicable waivers
  2. Enter correct electronic signature​ exactly as it appears on registration form
  • Note: Include middle initial, include a period after the middle initial, etc.
  1. ​Enter correct last name
  2. Enter correct email address 
  • Note: No dashes or spaces.
  1. Enter correct date of birth
  • Note: Mind the D.O.B format (mm/dd/yyyy)
Note: When sign waivers for a minor participant, please enter the guardian's date of birth. 
Note: Each person will receive a unique link to sign waiver. If a person registered multiple participants and used the same email address to receive the confirmation emails, the participants will need to ensure that the names in the confirmation emails match their names when they go through the process to sign their waivers, otherwise the system will generate an error. 

If the current registration details are incorrect, you will need notify us at support@active.com for further assist.