Encountering a declined message when attempting to register typically means that the billing information does not match the electronic database of a financial institution, or the financial institution suspects that this is a fraudulent transaction and places a hold as a security measure.

To proceed with registration, verify that the following items are correct:

- Select the correct card type (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa)
- Enter the cardholder's name exactly as it appears on the card
Note: Include middle initial, include a period after the middle initial, etc.
- Enter the card number as a single string of characters (no dashes or spaces)
- Enter the correct expiration date
- Enter the correct card security code (CSC)
Note: The CSC appears on the front of American Express cards, and on the back of Discover, MasterCard and Visa


If this message continues to appear after confirming the above items are correct, please contact the financial institution directly for assistance. If a security hold appears on your account, the Credit Card company or bank can typically explain the situation and/or release the hold for you. Your card may not be available for online transactions immediately, but this is entirely dependent on the financial institution.

If you continue to encounter this error after contacting your financial institution, we recommend trying to register the following day. You may also want to try using a different card, if need be.