Below are instructions to complete the Open & Close Age Groups screen, found within the process of Create a Program or Edit Program after logging into LeagueOne and proceeding through Program Setup.
  1. Go to Programs Tab > Select Online Registration Set up
  2. Click New to create new program or highlight existing program and click Edit.
  3. Under Program set up select Open & Close Age Groups
  4. All applicable age groups (based on the program type) are displayed - by default, all age groups are available based on the database configuration
  5. Check box next to an existing age group to make adjustments
a. Select a Status
i. Open (immediately open)
ii. Force Close Now! (immediately close)
iii. Watch & Close When __ Players Register Online (close age group when registration count is reached)
b. Click Add New Close Message to create a new message, or select an existing close message
  • Note: The existing messages may be edited or deleted from this screen
c. Click OK
  • Note: Check box next to AGE GROUP to mass edit age groups
  1. Repeat for all age groups, as needed
  2. Click Save and Continue to proceed to Discounts and Fees