Below are instructions to access the Program List within a given session after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Go to Programs > Manage Registration > Program List
2. Select option from Show drop-down
a. Currently Open Programs (default)
b. Open Within Past 1 Year
c. Open Within Past 2 Years
d. All Programs
3. Click Find
4. Within list of resulting programs, detail displays Program Name, Typem Season, Division, Open and Close
User-added image
5. Click on Team Name to view Team Maintenance Screen and view details of players registered into that program - available data returned for each program includes:
- Player Last Name: Opens the person maintenance screen (same window)
- Player First Name: Opens the maintain registration screen (new window)
- Reg Date
- Age Group
- Missing Docs?
- Missing PMT?
- Assigned?: Equals Yes is the player is assigned to a team
- Method: Equals Manual or Online
- Fees Owed
- Collected
- Balance
  • Note: Team Maintenance Screen will view detail displays total number of registrations (Total Reg)