Below are instructions to use Team Maintenance to edit details of an existing team after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Go to Teams > Manage Teams
2. Click Team Name to view Team Maintenance - click here for instructions on locating teams
3. Click on available Team Information fields, such as Team ID, Team Name, Colors, Age Group, Division
  • Note: Any fields hyperlinked in blue may be adjusted (assuming your Governing Body does not restrict changes)
  • Note: Adjusting Age Group or Division of a team where players are assigned also changes Age Group or Division of players
4. Click Add Staff
4. Click Add Players
  • Note: Click on various column headers in multiple sections to change sort
  • Note: Only one team may be viewed at a time 
- Delete Team: Deletes current team - only an empty team can be deleted (no players or staff)
- Approve: Approve changes status of team, players and staff from Pending to AddReq (when state office produces player passes) or Active (when club produces player passes)
  • Note: Team Status field will be Pending for a new team - after Approve button is pressed, status will change to AddReq for states that produce player passes at state office, or Active for clubs that produce their own player passes - The AddReq status is changed to Active when player passes have been created
- Valid?: Checks all validation rules that are executed when you press Approve without actually approving team
- Ovr: Approves a team by overriding validation rules
  • Note: This action is only available to those with override rights
- Drop: Drops selected players and/or staff from team
  • Note: This action changes player/staff status to 'Dropped' and fills in date in Drop column
  • Note: Team status must be Active
- UnDrop: Reverses drop on selected players and/or staff
- Transfer: Allows organizers to transfer players between teams within their club or Governing Body hierarchy
  • Note: We do not recommend transfers for Independent organizations -- simply unassign player from team in question and reassign to another team
- Print Roster: Opens Print Roster window
- Print Pass: Opens Print Pass dialog and prints passes for selected players and/or staff
- Add Note: Adds note under Internal Note
  • Note: This can only be accomplished by an administrator with a job containing League Registrar access
  • Note: To view what access your job has, view the Job Rights help article
- Add Blackout: Establish dates team cannot play games -- can be an entire day (default) or specific time
- Send Email: Send message to staff and players associated to a particular team

- Team Short Name is used/displayed throughout system (such as for Rosters) due to some screens being short on space
- Clubs that use ClubReg service will see a Send button in Last Email Sent field -- pressing this button sends roster via email to coaches
- The Most Freq Age and Pct fields in Player section header tell you most frequent play age on team and what percentage of team has that age
- The Season field displays different colors, as follows::
- Green: manual registration or online registration conducted before early date
- Blue: standard online registration
- Red: online registration conducted after late date
- Event teams may not have the Season, Age Group, or Division fields changed