Use Contact List to retrieve email addresses, mailing lists, and contact lists. You may either display the results on the screen or choose to create a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file which can be imported into Excel or Access. Based on the selected specifications, you may retrieve basic data and/or email addresses. Below are instructions to access and create a contact list after logging into LeagueOne.

Note: Some customers using the Contact List to test recipient groups before sending an email (the steps are identical)

1. Go to Communications > Create Contact List
2. Within the To section, click Add
a. Select an available option next to Send To
i. Players
ii. Team Staff
iii. Board Staff
iv. Registration Reminders
v. Schedule
b. Apply filters based on your previous selection (there are numerous options for each selection above)
i.  Age Group
ii. Division
iii. Season
iv. Program
v. Enter Zip Code
vi. Send to Both Guardian
c. Click Add
Note: You may repeat the above step multiple times in a single contact list to expand the list of recipients
3. Select a List Type (additional options may appear based on your selection)
a. Email Address: Yields a simple list of email addresses for the selected users
b. Mail List: Yields a mailing list based on the respective items selected (all recipients, recipients with email addresses, or recipients without email addresses, Address to, Add - Or Current Resident)
c. Contact List: Yields a contact list of all recipients, recipients with email addresses, or recipients without email addresses

Note: Additional "include" and "address to" fields only appear for ClubReg customers when selecting the Mail List or Contact List type
4. Select an Output Format
a. Display Results: Show the results on the screen
b. Comma Separated Value (CSV) File: Places the results into a CSV file that you open or save to your machine
5. Click Retrieve List
Note: A reminder appears stating that spam is illegal and to exercise caution - click OK
6. Depending on your prior selection, view the results on screen, open the CSV extract, or open the PDF extract