Below are the steps on how to create Workout Sessions in  after logging in to Swim Manager.

1. From anywhere in Swim Manager, click on Attendance tab 

2. Select Session List under Session Schedule
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3. Click Add Session button
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4. Enter workout session's Basic Information
a. Session name
b. Location
c. Date
d. Occurs on (Time and Days)
e. Additional Schedules/ Timeslots (optional)
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5. Add Coach (can add up to 5 coach and assign 1 primary coach)
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6. Click on Add participants

7. Next Page will be Participant page for the workout session, click on Add Participants 
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8. Select athletes and click Assign
  • ​​Note: Athlete list can be filtered by Program, Location, Group, Training Group, Gender, and Age 
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9. Exit the Participants Page

10. Click Done
Note: To remove athlete from session or move to different session, see article Remove or Move an Athlete From Workout  Session

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