A deposit is optional and is charged in addition to the registration fee. If you enter a non-zero deposit, then it will be collected from the customer at checkout, including for transfers from a waitlist to a registration. Setup a deposit when: 

A. When Setting up Billing Schedules
  1. Go to Prices and billing section of program setup
  2. Select each group
  3. Enter deposit amount
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B. When Adding a New Group
  1. Select a program
  2. Go to Groups under Registration setup
  3. Click Edit (if there are existing groups)
  4. Click Add group
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  • Notes: 
  1. Group-level deposits are available during:
    • Front Desk Registration (FDR)
    • CUI registration
    • Transfers 
  2. For existing programs, the program-level deposit amount and corresponding GL code are automatically copied to each group.
  3. When copying a program, its group-level deposit settings are also copied to the new program.
  4. Group-level deposits paid during registrations or transfers and their corresponding GL codes are displayed in the relevant reports.