You can seed two swimmers to a lane to minimize the time it takes to complete long distance events. There are two ways to do this:
a. Start two sets of swimmers from different ends of the pool
b. Send the second set of swimmers after the first set leaves the blocks (ex: 15 seconds after). This method is known as a chase start or chasing. 

Note: 2 to a Lane option only available for Timed Final events

For both methods, follow steps below:
1. Go to Events
2. Double-click event
3. Under Assign Lanes, select one of the following
a. 2 per Lane = all athletes required to swim 2 to a Lane
b. 2 per Choice = athlete decides whether he/she wants to swim 2 to a Lane
i. To declare whether athlete chose to swim 2 to a Lane:
1. Go to Athletes
2. Single-click athlete
3. Under Entries section on bottom half of screen, check 2 column next to event
4. (Optional) If using sessions:
a. Go to Events and click Sessions 
b. Double-click session
c. Next to Chase Starts Interval, enter negative number (ex: -10) to subtract time saved by using a chase start from the meet schedule
Note: Only applies to 100+ LC events 
5. Seed events like normal (see Seeding Overview)
Note: MM will technically still view event as having the typical number of heats
i. Example: 8 lane pool with 32 swimmers will still be viewed as having 4 heats even if you are swimming 2 to a Lane in only two heats
Note: Heat Sheet will say A End or B End next to heat number to:
i. Declare which end of the pool each swimmer should start from if starting at same time
ii. Declare which swimmer is first or second in water if using chase start
Note: If event is 2 per Choice, athletes who select to swim 2 to a Lane will be seeded in the 2 to a Lane heats with other athletes who choose this option