1. In Team Manager go to File > Import > Athlete Rosters
  2. Select file to import and click Open
  • Notes: Swim Team Manager supports file extensions HY3, CL2, ZIP, and CSV. To import a CSV roster file. Please refer to Importing Rosters on CSV File Format
  • Notes: Track & Field Team Manager supports file extensions TCL and ZIP. 
  1. Click OK
  2. Next click on unzipped file and then on Open
  3. Choose one or both of following
  • Swim Team Manager 
  1. Overlay existing administrative information (will update contact information, group, etc)
  2. Or Update/Add Athlete TM Group/Subgroups/School Year (This option will both update information and add new athletes) 
  • Track & Field Team Manager 
  1. Overlay existing administrative information 
  2. Overlay existing Athlete TM Group/Subgroups/School Year
  3. Add new Teams/Athletes 
  4. Include Competitor Numbers 
  1. Click OK
  2. Click Close
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