This guide provides information you may require as a returning customer:
If you are not on the current version (listed below), you would need to purchase an upgrade. If you are on the current version and need the installation link and license code, you need to purchase a replacement. 
  • Swim Meet Manager 8.0 
  • Swim Team Manager 8.0
  • Track and Field Meet Manager 6.0 
  • Track and Field Team Manager 4.2 
​​​​​Upgrade Instruction: Upgrade Hy-Tek Program
Replacement Instruction: Purchasing Product Replacements

Add features
To add features or to advance your package, make sure you are on the current version of your program (see the list of current versions above for upgrades and replacements). If not, please make sure you upgrade your program(s) first. See instructions in Upgrading to the Current Version and Adding Additional features 
  • Note: Any features purchased from a previous version will carry over to your current version. 

Find License Name, Information, Expiration Date
Entering the correct license name will help us locate your account/order faster. To find your license name, see Find License Name. This screen displays the name of your license and expiration date (for renewable licenses only). 

License Renewal
License renewal only applies for office, site, organizational, championship, or Independent Timing Contractor licenses: 
  • Office License: Please send an email to with your license name included 
  • Championship License: Please send an email to with your license name and meet dates
  • Site LicenseHy-tek Site License Renewal
  • Organizational LicenseRenew or Request Organization License
  • Independent Timing Contractor License: Please send an email to to obtain your renewal link

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