Below are instructions to customize the confirmation email that participants receive after registering after logging into Swim Manager and proceeding through waivers within the program setup process.
  1. Within the From name field, confirm or change the sender name
  • Note: This name appears as the sender when athletes receive emails from an organization
  1. Within the From email address field, confirm or change the email address
  • Note: The default email address listed pulls from Account > Organization Email address (found under Primary contact)
  1. Within the Subject field, confirm or change the subject of the confirmation message
  • Note: The default subject is Registration confirmation for [Program Name]
  1. Within the message box, enter a customized message using the rich-text editor (includes basic font characteristics and hyperlinks)
  • Note: HTML is not supported
  • Note: To enter merge fields (existing fields pulled from the database), click on the merge fields icon (merge-fields) and click on a field to include
  • Example: Selecting {Group name} will display the group that the athlete registered for
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  1. Check or uncheck the box next to Include Registration details to show or hide this information
  2. Check or uncheck the box next to Send copies of each confirmation to... and then enter up to five (5) administrator email addresses
  3. Click Preview to view an example confirmation email
  4. Click Save & continue to proceed to registration dates