As of 2023, Junior Team Tennis players use their new WTN (World Tennis Number) ratings instead of the current JNTRP (Junior National Tennis Rating Program) ratings in TennisLink. The WTN ratings are calculated by the ITF (International Tennis Federation) and updated weekly, while JNTRP ratings were updated every two weeks.

When the WTN ratings are calculated, for players who played in singles matches, a singles WTN rating is created.  For players who played in doubles matches, a doubles WTN rating is created.  In Junior Team Tennis, the player only has one WTN rating determined by using the lower value of their latest singles or doubles WTN rating. You will also notice that WTN rating values are different and range from 5.1 to 40.0 with 5.1 being the highest rated player.

Please follow the steps below to allow Local WTN Rating Bands for Divisions in your Section:
  1. Login to Tennislink JTT Homepage with email/password
  2. Under My Options, click Sectional Settings
  3. Under Championship Year, make sure 2024 is selected
  4. Check Rating Can be used? box for desired divisions 
    • Note: If Rating Can be used? box is checked for a particular division, this allows local ratings bands to be entered for those divisions when a program application is created 
  5. Click Submit to save changes