Tournament Directors have the option to select players into their tournament based on the registration date and time that took place through TennisLink. This feature is only available for tournaments that match the below criteria:
  • Player Selection Type = Tournament Director Selection Process
  • Adult Divisions
  • NTRP Divisions
  • Family Divisions
  • Team Events
If your tournament's online registration deadline has passed and matches the above criteria, please follow the steps below to process entrants through the Auto Order Players page:
  1. Navigate to tournament's Sanction Form
  2. Above Entry Info tab, click Entrant Processing
  3. In Entrant Processing page, click Auto Order Players
User-added image
  1. Choose Event to Auto Order
User-added image
  1. If desired, input number of Players to Order
User-added image
  1. Check Order by Registration Date and Time box
User-added image
  1. Click OK