The entrant process for Team Events is essentially the same as a tournament with the Tournament Director Selection Process type. For step by step instructions on how to process entrants after online registration is closed for your Team Event please see below:

Note: Players can only be processed ONCE. Make sure to select ALL players from ALL events before clicking the Verify Selections button. Once you click Process All Player Selections, this charges all the selected players and entrant processing will be closed and cannot be undone or reopened

Note: All players that are selected during the Team Events entrant processing will be placed in the Unassigned Players box in TDM. All players will need to be manually moved to their desired teams by an administrator 
  1. Login to TennisLink Tournaments Homepage
  2. Under Administration, click My Tournaments
  3. Click on tournament name
  4. In online sanction form, click Entrant Processing link
  • Note: The Event Entrant Report is available for reference and you can use this report to see which team the player indicated while registering online. This indication is made by the player during their online registration process. The team they indicated will be shown in the Team column. If there was no preference indicated the report will show Find Me a Team in the Team column
  1. Choose event from dropdown menu
  2. Highlight desired players from Available Players box
  3. Click blue arrow button to move them into Selected Players box
  4. Repeat steps 5-7 for ALL necessary events
  5. Once ALL players have been selected from ALL events, click Verify Selections
  • Note: DO NOT click Verify Selections until player selections for ALL events have been completedUser-added image
  1. Review all information on Selection Summary page
  2. Once confirmed, click Process All Player Selections
  • Note: DO NOT click Process All Player Selections button until you have selected ALL players in each division. Once you go through this step, players will be charged and entrant processing cannot be undone or reopened