Round robin and pool playoff events can now be included in the rankings program. Ranking authority administrators can now add playoff events to the database events in the rankings program. When a playoff is selected for a playoff event, the system will treat the playoff event as a master event and link all corresponding events in the same division allowing points to be automatically awarded. Please follow the steps below to include playoff events in the National Junior Ranking Algorithm event database:

Note: If you prefer to watch a video, here is a pre-recorded demo of this new functionality
  1. Login to TennisLink with email and password
  2. Navigate to rankings program
  3. Click Search tab
  4. Select Tournament
  5. Input Tournament ID
  6. Click Search button
  7. Check box under Include column
  8. In Rankings: Add Database Event window, make sure correct divisions are all selected 
  9. To include playoff for events, check the box under Playoff column
User-added image
  1. Click OK button to save changes
Another way to add/edit playoffs is through Database Events:
  1. Click Databases tab
  2. Click Edit Database Events link
  3. Find tournament in question
  4. Click Edit link for event/division
  5. Check playoff box in far right column
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  1. Click Update link to save changes