Users can navigate the Swim Manager homepage to organize their programs and swim meets. See below on how:
1. Homepage Tabs
a. Click the menus on top of Homepage (as needed)
  • Home
  • Attendance
  • People
  • Volunteers
  • Communication
  • Reports
  • Tools
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2. Programs
a. Select how many programs to display on page by clicking View > X / page
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b. Filter programs by clicking the new Status filter and selecting one of the following statuses
  • All (selected by default)
  • Active
  • Registration scheduled (for programs that are scheduled to open registrations)
  • Registration closed
  • Program completed
  • Inactive
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c. Click Action button to manage programs

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3. Meets 
a.  Select how many programs to display on the page by clicking View > X / page
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b. Click Action button to manage meet
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4. Account setup
On the upper right corner, users will see the welcome message, Help center, Account settings, and Sign out button
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5. Quick Access
  • Quick links
  • Team information
  • Payment schedule
  • Frequently asked questions