When using Pro Network (multi-user feature), three issues can occur when logging in. For all three issues, follow steps below:

Issue 1: Admin user forgot password
  • Note: If non-admin user forgot password, admin user can go to File > Network Administration to change passwords
Issue 2: Admin user shown as logged in when not
  • Note: If non-admin user is shown as logged in when not, admin user can go to File > Network Administration, select Remove all logged in users except Admin, and click Done
Issue 3: Logging on will not open database even when no other users are logged in
  1. Close software
  2. Open Control Panel (Windows Start > Control Panel)​
  • Note: For Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, set View By to Small/Large Icons
  • Note: For Windows Vista, select Classic View
  1. Select Folder Options
  2. Go to View tab, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives, click Apply
User-added image
  1. Open Windows Explorer (Windows Start > Computer) and go to location of database file
  • Note: Should see two files: .mdb and .pxx. .Mdb is database file. .Pxx contains login records and any passwords and should be about 1 KB
SoftwareDatabase Location
  1. Right click .pxx file and select Delete
  • Note: Make very sure you DO NOT DELETE .MDB FILE as it has all of your database's information on it
  1. Open software and click OK on login screen without entering anything
  • Note: Any passwords will need to be re-setup in software. To do so, admin user should go to File > Network Administration