If you are getting errors like Data Error Number 13 when getting times from the CTS Dolphin Timing System, you may follow the solutions below:
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Solution 1: Repair/Compact Database
  1. Please see this article: Fix Database Issues & Re-Rank Times
Solution 2: Check for Special Characters
  1. Go to Setup > Meet Setup
  2. Check for special characters (symbols, accent marks, and punctuation marks) on meet name, facility name, address or sanction number
Solution 3: Change the Decimal Symbol on Region settings to Dot
  1. Click on the Windows/Start button
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Select Region and Language
  4. Click on Formats Tab
  5. Click on Additional Settings at the bottom
  6. Locate Decimal Symbol
  7. Change the comma to dot
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Solution 4: Perform a Clean Installation
  1. Please see this article: Clean Install for Hy-Tek Software