Add additional purchase items to lesson programs for purchase during registration. Below are instructions to include additional purchases (such a swim suits, goggles, or other add-ons) on programs after logging into Swim Manager and proceeding through form questions within program setup process:

  1. Click Additional Purchases
  2. Click Create Add-On
User-added image
3. Expand the sections of library in the left-hand navigation to add existing add-on template options or create custom options
User-added image
4. Complete Edit properties section:
 a. Name (required)
 b. Purchase is required (optional)
   Note: Putting a check on purchase is required will means registrants can’t proceed to check out if they did not purchase add-on
 c. Description

5. Click Advanced settings to apply additional items to add-on (such as an image, programs/groups to apply to, when item can be purchased, etc.)
User-added image
Note: You may restrict availability of additional purchase items to specific sessions and timeslots
    1. Click Apply
6. Complete Item details section:
  1. Item to purchase
  2. Price
  3. Inventory
  • Note: Click Add to include a new line item
  • Note: Check the box next to an existing item and click Delete to remove
7. Click Apply
8. Click OK
9. Click Save & continue to proceed to waivers

Note: See article Additional Purchase After Registration if you want to process additional purchase after registration has been completed