Below are steps to copy the database and site files from the Live site over top of the Trainer site to create a mirror copy (from a snapshot of your live site).  Usually this is used for testing new upgrades, or testing new site designs and functionality.  These instructions are relevant for migrating ACM to another web and database server.

If you require services for the ACM team to help you perform the migration, please contact your account manager or the ACM Support Team, to initiate the process.


Database Server

These instructions are necessary if you are migrating to a new database server:

1. Back up the database
Note Refer to your Database Administrator or Microsoft/Oracle's manuals for more information on this process

2. Copy the backup file from the database backup to the new database server

3. Restore the database on the new database server

4. Open ACM Root\bin\Ironpoint.DataAccess.dll.config in a text editor Update the database connection string to the Trainer Database information (e.g. <dataSource name="SQL" default="true" provider="SqlClient" connectionString="Data Source=DBServer;Initial Catalog=TrainerACM;User ID=mcw;Password=iggy" dataOperationsDir="" dataOperationsFileMask="SqlClient.CM.Commands*.config" parameterNamePrefix="" />)

SQL Server-specific Instructions

4. On the new database server, create 2 SQL Logins: cm and mcw
5. Run the permission fix script against the new database (located here ACM Root\DatabaseScripts\CM_MCW_PermissionFix.sql)

Restoring Live to Trainer Instructions

If you're restoring a live database over top of a trainer database that uses a different URL, run the following query against the new database:

1. Find the SiteID:

select SiteID, Name from CM.Sites

2. Run the following query depending on your ACM version and changing the SiteID :

ACM 13.0 and lower
update CM.Sites set DynamicFQDN = '' where SiteID = 3

ACM 13.1 and higher
update CM.SettingsProperties set StringValue1 = '' where LookupKey = 'SiteFQDN' and SettingsPropertiesOwnerID in (select SettingsPropertiesOwnerID from CM.SettingsPropertiesOwners where SiteID = 3)


Web Server

1. Set up the following services on the new web server:
  • Install and configure Health Monitor (Appendix A)
  • If using the ACM Search page, set up Windows Search (recommended) or Indexing Service on the new server. (Appendix E)
  • If using the Media Center page type, set up the ACM Video Service (Appendix D)
For instructions, refer to the Installation and Configuration Guide in the Documentation folder in the Portal, or with the release files.

2. Back up existing trainer ACM application files Move the contents of the ACM Root folder for Trainer to another folder called backup
Note Make sure the contents are copied and not moved

3. Copy all files and folders from the ACM Root folder from the live site into the ACM Root folder from the trainer site

4. Reset export settings.  The path to the exported search and static files are saved in the export jobs which are not automatically updated during a migration.  Re-saving the job will update this with the correct paths.
  1. Log into the ACM site
  2. System > click Export
  3. Click Save
  4. Select the next site in the Site drop down menu, and repeat step 1 to 3 for each site in your instance
Restoring Live to Trainer Instructions
If this is a trainer site, remove SMTP from the trainer site to prevent emails from being sent out from the trainer site
  1. Log into the ACM Web Server
  2. Open ACM Root\web.config in a text editor
  3. Find the key: SMTP_ServerHost > Remove any entries in the value parameter
  4. Save and close the file