The following are steps on how to setup the modified feed-in consolation draws in TDM for National/Section events. The modified feed-in consolation (MFIC) draw format in TDM requires that you create a new event for the consolation draw for the Round of 16 and Quarterfinal losers. TDM does not create it automatically, please follow the steps below on how to create this Bronze draw:
  1. Navigate to TDM
  2. Click Create Event
  3. Under Event Name, input Bronze Draw
  4. Under Division, choose tournament division
  5. Under Draw Type, select Modified Feed-In Consolation
  6. For Entry Limit, enter 16
  7. Click OK
  • Note: We need to set the entry limit to 16 - not 8 - because we will need to input "byes" in order to make room in the draw for the players who will feed in from the Quarterfinal round. Attached PDF demonstrates how the draw should be created. Please note that another consolation draw will be automatically created in TDM with the players who lose in "ROUND 1" of the bronze draw. Please ignore this consolation draw and do not play out those matches. You will then need to manually enter the quarterfinal losers into the bye slots in "ROUND 2." From there, you play it out!