Junior Team Tennis Section and District Coordinators are frequently asked to update USTA staff member's accounts with the appropriate roles and access. Please follow the steps below to complete this in the Junior Team Tennis user accounts and roles area:

Note: If you are a Section or District Coordinator, you will only be able to add/edit/remove lower levels of access to any user in your section/district. For example, a So. California Section Coordinator will only be able to add/edit/remove access for a So. Cal District Admin, Area League Coordinator, Program Coordinators and Coach/Captains
  1. Login to TennisLink JTT Homepage 
  2. Under My Profile, select Section or District role 
  3. Under My Options, click User Accounts and Roles
  4. Input First NameLast Name or Team Tennis or USTA #
  5. Click Go to search
  6. Click User-added image to edit user account
  7. Click Add Role to add new user role or click User-added image to remove an existing role
  8. Select requested role from drop down
  9. Click User-added image icon to save
User-added image
  1. Click Submit to save changes