Please refer to the following steps to edit/update coach information.

Edit from laxpower app
  1. Open app
  2. Go to Home
  3. Tap search button at top right screen
  4. Input team name
  5. Click search button
  6. Tap desired team
  7. Go to Overview
  8. Tap edit pen under Coach Info
User-added image
  1. Fill desired information(Coach Name/Coach Start Date/Coach Email)
  2. Tap Submit
Edit from site
  1. Go to
  2. Tap National Ratings&Rankings under BOYS/GIRLS
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  1. Tap 17 besides Boys/Girls
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  1. Locate desired team
  2. Tap update coach infor
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  1. Fill desired coach information
  2. Tap Submit
Note: Only HS coach information can be edited. The change will not reflect immediately until the information is approved by admin.