Job Rights allow clubs to establish administrative access for existing Staff users. Job rights (also called simply "Jobs") must be associated to Staff in order to allow them access to LeagueOne admin - without jobs, users may only login to LeagueOne welcome pages within a given database (assuming a login was already created). For additional details on managing jobs, please review the Add Staff to Team and Maintain Staff Information articles.

ACTIVE Network considers clubs as "Independent" if they do not fall under a Governing Body that uses LeagueOne at the State or National level. If your organization falls under a Governing Body using LeagueOne (such as Cal North, New Mexico, or Pop Warner), please contact the hierarchy for assistance with jobs.

Below are links to jobs for various Independent clubs and leagues.

- Babe Ruth League Jobs
- Baseball/Softball Jobs
- Football Jobs
- Independent Jobs
- Little League Jobs
- PONY Jobs