A registrant may run into the Error on Page error during the payment processing portion of the registration flow. The most common cause of this error is the use of an outdated browser or mobile/device. Please ensure the registrant is using either a desktop/laptop or a supported browser. If these options do not resolve the issue please contact support using the below instructions.

Note: The organizer submitting the request must have access to the LeagueOne administrative system
Note: To confirm access, please login to LeagueOne before contacting support

1. Collect the following details before contacting support
a. What web browser(s) the registrant(s) is using?
EXAMPLE: Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
b. What version of the browser(s) is the registrant(s) using?
c. What operating system(s) is the registrant(s) using?
EXAMPLE: Windows 7, Windows 10, OS X
d. What is the exact error message received by the registrant(s)?
e. What was the registrant(s) doing when they received the error message?
2. Visit the Email Us form to submit the above details:
a. Include all required information
b. Enter Error on Page within the What is your question field
c. Enter the error details (from above) into the Additional details about your question field
d. Click Send