Below are instructions to access and view the Top Times Spreadsheet, Top Times Ranking, and Top Times By Name reports after logging into Swim Manager.
  1. From the Organization Dashboard (Home tab), click on the Reports tab
  2. Click Top Times Spreadsheet
  3. Select filters
    1. Program
  • Note: Only Active or Completed status programs are displayed in the drop-down list. For programs that are in inactive status, please activate before selection. To reactivate a program, see Reactivate a Program 
  1. Location
  2. Training Group
  3. Age Group or Age Range
  4. Gender
  5. Start and End date
  6. Course
  7. Standards
  8. Click View Report
    • Note: If the Top Times Spreadsheet Report is filtered by location, it should only list out the Top Times for that specific program Location.
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