1. Go to Tools > Import Record from Organization Dashboard (Home tab)
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  1. Click Choose file, select record file exported from Meet Manager for Swimming or Team Manager for Swimming, click Continue
  2. If information on Import Record screen is correct, click Save > OK
  3. In Manage Records, the following actions are possible:
    1. Click + New record to add new record
    2. Click - Import record to import another record
    3. Click - View record match to get a report of times equal to or better than existing record
    4. Click Edit or Remove to edit or remove existing record
    5. Click + New record entry to add new record entry
  • Note: Entries represent events
  • EXAMPLE: 11-12 Boys 50 Freestyle
  1. Click Edit or Remove under Actions to edit or remove existing record entry
  1. Click View record match to get a report of times that break or tie existing records
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  1. Select all or select specific record breaking times to use to update records, and click Update