Below are details about flags listed within Adjustment Status (AdjStat) column of Heat Window, indicating there was a problem with a pad time.
  1. ?: Backup times show there may be a need for the pad time to be adjusted
  2. A: Pad time has been adjusted from the original
  3. K: User clicked the ? to indicate the pad time is ok 
  4. [_] Blank means there are no problems with pad time in comparison to backup times

Below are designators:
  1. Q: Prelim Results can be flagged using MM as qualifiers (those that advance to finals)
  2. x : Signifies scoring limit (either the maximum number of scorers per team per event –OR- if you have MM set to only score points, if they meet the q time and this swimmer doesn't
  3. J: Signifies that the place or the score was manually adjusted using the JD button in the Run Menu
  4. X : Exhibition athle
    1. An exhibition athlete may be declared by clicking the Status combo box on athlete Add/Edit Athlete screen
Note: Status of an athlete defaults to Normal
i. Exhibition
ii. Foreigner
iii. Disabled
iv. Rookie
Note: When Meet Results are printed, an x (Exhibition), * (Foreign), % (Disabled), or # (Rookie) will prefix each swimmer's name based on his/her particular status declaration if Report Preferences are set to show athlete status