General Ledger (GL) codes can be used to sort transaction data by grouping related accounts. This can be helpful for organizational accounting when tracking revenues. Below are guides on how to create, edit, and delete GL codes in Swim Manager

A. To create GL code:

1. From anywhere in database, click Account in upper right corner 
2. Under Account settings, click GL code
3. Click Add GL code button 

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  • Note: Each time you click the button, a new row will open in the grid below for a new code

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4. Enter name and code 

  • Note: Neither the name nor the code will be seen by registrants

5. Click  icon to save or click to abandon

  • Note: By default, the GL codes are listed in ascending, alphabetical order by Name. Click Sort by drop-down list to sort the list from A-to-Z or Z-to-A

B. To edit existing GL code:

1. Double-click the required Name or Code

2. Enter changes

  • Note: If a GL code has been assigned to any products or is associated with any transactions, then the Code field cannot be edited
  • Note: Editing the Name of a GL code will update the information in all products and legacy transaction records associated with this GL code

C. To delete a GL code:

1. Click  icon to delete

  • Note: If a GL code has been assigned to any products, then deleting the GL code unassigns it from all products using this code
  • Note: GL code cannot be deleted if it has been associated with any transactions. Messages like below will pop up
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