All non-members can register for non-sanctioned tournaments regardless of skill level - this applies to junior and adult events. Tournament Administrators have the ability to choose whether or not their Entry Level sanctioned tournaments allow non-member registrations. Please follow the steps below to check your Section/District Settings:
  1. Login to TennisLink Tournament Homepage
  2. Under Administration, click Section/District Settings
  3. Under Entry Level Divisions, please note current selections
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  • Note: In this example, at the Section level for Southern - for Junior divisions, the decision is Deferred. This means the Districts can decide whether or not to allow non-member registrations for their Entry Level junior divisions. For Adult Divisions, No is selected. This means non-members can only register for non-sanctioned tournaments. 
  • Note: tournaments have to be tagged with Skill Level = Entry Level in the Online Sanction Form. ONLY Skill Level: Entry Level can be selected in the sanction form in order for this setting to apply to the tournament
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